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With a recognizable style and a passion for fashion – Jojo72 clothing, where fashion meets a sporty heart!

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Welcome to the world of Josip Iličić, where years of experience, passion for fashion and football brilliance come together. Our clothing line reflects Josip’s journey through the various brands he has tried over the years of his life.

Discover ultimate comfort and timeless style

with our high quality slightly oversized fashion hoodie from the Jojo72 line. Our passion for detail and superior quality is reflected in every inch of this sweater that will meet your highest fashion standards.

Welcome to the world of elegance and supreme comfort with our fashionable hoodie from the Jojo72 line

Choosing a sweater is not just a purchase, but an opportunity to express your unique style. With Jojo72 clothes, you will keep up with trends, while maintaining your personal touch. Whether you’re going out for a casual coffee with friends or on an exciting adventure, our sweaters are always the right choice. Choose your sweater, combine it with your favorite pieces of clothing and set off for new adventures. Your journey to extraordinary style starts here, with Jojo72 – because every day is an opportunity for a new fashion story!

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Josip Iličić, a professor on the green field, has transferred his passion, thinking and unique style to every piece of clothing that bears the Jojo72 label. This clothing line does not just represent fashion, but expresses his football thinking – relaxed, quality and at the same time sophisticated.

Every garment in this collection exudes a desire to be different, stand out, just like Josip himself. The combination of comfort, high quality and unique style offers a wearing experience that is not just a garment, but an expression of a life philosophy.

Durable, Dynamic, High-Quality Materials
Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

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